“The love of money is the root of all evil”, “money brings the worst in people”, “money makes the world go round” - and it is usually at the heart of any business success or failure.

Financing a new business can be a challenge, particularly in the current economic climate. However, without enough capital, a new business will shrivel and die very quickly. The next step is to ensure that you have enough money to support both you and your enterprise.

There are various ways of funding your business these days, from start-up grants to asset financing to personal financing, credit cards and the like. It's a personal choice and there is usually some type of funding and financing to suit most requirements. Of course it's also very important to have a business bank account and depending on your credit status these are usually free to set up and also includes online banking facilities. Below are some local banks and funding options available with direct links for more information.

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The BusinessPlus Prepaid MasterCard Card®from Just Cashflow

We believe that a £25,000 pre-approved credit line* will help you manage the day to day expenses of growing your business. The credit line will be made accessible to you on your BusinessPlus MasterCard Card® from Just Cashflow.The BusinessPlus card® from Just Cashflow gives you access to these great benefits…£25,000 pre-approved credit line* made accessible on your BusinessPlus Card can be used to help with day-to-day cash flowProtectPlus - a free Legal and Tax 24/7 helpline to help to protect your businessEmploymentPlus - all the documents you need to comply with employment legislation

The BusinessPlus Prepaid MasterCard® Card from Just Cas

For those who are in business already and have assets which they are prepared to put up as collateral then Asset Financing may be a viable option. For one such reputable asset financing company, click here