What do I need to know about employing staff?

If you are thinking about employing a member of staff for the first time, it is worth considering the legal taxation implications.

Management Instructions for completing Investigations Potential Disciplinary Investigation & Disciplinary Hearings

People Development
Developing people is a tricky balance – would it be more cost effective to just carry on with untrained staff at push harder to generate more revenue?

Hiring Staff
Employing the right people, of course, comes down to good interview technique - and that's the problem. Few people have formal training in carrying out interviews and most of us do it only rarely. It's an interruption to an already busy week, something that has to be done rather than an opportunity to find a great new member of staff to drive up profits and make life better.

Hiring Staff
One of the biggest challenges for a small business is hiring the right team. Having motivated, dedicated and high performing employees is arguably the aim of all businesses regardless of size and maturity.

Application Process
Choosing the right candidate the first time around can save a great deal of time and money. On the other hand, a disorganized approach to hiring can lead to a lengthy, inefficient process. With the use of technology and open channels of communication throughout the hiring process, you can hasten the screening process.

Hiring Staff
As a new or growing business, you have to make sure you're making every penny count - and when it comes to hiring a new employee, that means getting them settled in and productive as quickly as possible.