I.T. - What do I need to know?

As if you didn't already have enough to think about, there could also be a need for telephones, mobile phones, computers, photocopiers, office equipment... and don't forget the kettle!

“In a well set up office, the equipment, the systems and the environment all contribute to making you and your business more efficient. Instead of cobbling together your office as you go along, plan it properly from the start.”


With most people, starting a new business means investing blood, sweat and tears into their new idea and working hard to see it grow into something to be proud of. It usually also means investing a fair amount of money. If this hard earned cash is invested in the wrong area it can quickly disappear. This is particularly relevant when it comes to IT. Neither the hardware, software nor support come cheap and if you get it wrong you can suddenly find a large hole in your finances replacing the wrong systems.

More information about buying the right computer. http://www.bestpricecomputers.ltd.uk/guides/

Top tip! Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is becoming increasingly widespread as we spend more time using computers. The following website offers useful pictures showing the correct posture to adopt if you want to avoid this painful ailment - http://ergo.human.cornell.edu/AHTutorials/typingposture.html


Advances in technology have dramatically changed the way that we communicate with each other. Mobile phones, broadband internet and wireless technology all have a part to play in a successful modern business.