Business Opportunities

Seeking the right business opportunity.

A Google search for the term 'business opportunities' returned over 750 MILLION results - which one suits you? Looking for a genuine business opportunity that will suit your skills, fit your budget and give a realistic chance of earning a living (let alone make you rich) is a mammoth task and one that you should be taken slowly and carefully.

Top Ten Tips.

1) Take professional advice

2) Pick an industry that is 'on the up'.

3) Ignore any opportunity that asks for money 'to tell you more'.

4) Pick a business that suits your skills or a subject that you love.

5) Research thoroughly BEFORE parting with any cash.

6) Question who is really going to make the money - you or the person selling you the 'opportunity'.

7) Don't borrow more than you can afford to lose.

8) If you are buying an existing business - ask an accountantto analyse the accounts - don't rely on your own intuition to save money (unless you are an accountant!).

9) Don't believe everything you are told - it may be true but is always worth double checking!

10) Anything that sounds 'too good to be true' will be!